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Rialto’s rehabilitation efforts at Brackenridge - among the nation’s oldest parks - included renovation of existing facilities and addition of new improvements. Phase A saw remediation of eroded stream edges, removal of noxious understory vegetation, and construction of new visitor amenities. In Phase B, roadways were addressed - park roads were updated or converted to walking paths, and a new vehicular entrance into the park was built. Construction of new visitor amenities continued, including expanded picnic facilities for individuals and groups, new playground, new trails, and a new comprehensive wayfinding system to guide pedestrians and bikers through the park. Prominent in the new construction of gateways, trail markers, and signage are contributions from local artists, including Susan Budge, George Schroeder, and Anne Wallace. The detailing of new park structures and amenities paid homage to historical patterns and utilized local materials, so that the park’s rehabilitation is visually seamless from its past incarnations.

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