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At the high-profile intersection of Broadway and Pearl Parkway in San Antonio, the Broadway Office Development is comprised of the Credit Human headquarters and the Oxbow. The architecture and landscape architecture speaks to the culture of San Antonio with local materials, murals by local artists, and environmental stewardship.

 A variety of public outdoor spaces enhance the urban experience, with extra-broad, shaded sidewalks alongside street-level retail and a grassy pocket park. For employees and guests, a heavily planted roof deck with fountains provides multiple venues for relaxing, working and interacting.The property harvests rainwater and air conditioning condensate, collecting over 2.6 million gallons annually, which is used for irrigation and other non-potable needs. The site also includes Low Impact Development (LID) features such as bioswales and permeable parking to reduce stormwater runoff by 80% before it enters our waterways.

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