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Rialto Studio is a professional landscape architecture firm founded in 1998 by Kenneth Fowler, Peter Hinton, & James Gray. The firm is based in San Antonio and Austin, Texas. Principals James Gray and Peter Hinton bring over 60 years of combined professional experience to the leadership of the firm, creating a design philosophy and professional practice that is richly steeped in multidisciplinary collaboration. Rialto Studio practices a broad variety of landscape architecture, including projects for cities, universities, and private developers.


Rialto Studio believes that landscape architecture is fundamental to a project. This is the cornerstone of the firm’s design philosophy and professional practice, and it means Rialto often leads a multidisciplinary project team. It also means we are asked to consult on projects by design professionals who appreciate Rialto’s abiding empathy for the character and sense of a place. Respect for the environment and for natural resources underpins Rialto’s work, and our rootedness in Central Texas has cultivated strength in planting design and rainwater harvesting.

They regarded landscape architecture as a broad, encompassing profession; Rialto often acted as the leader of design teams, tackling complex problems, and encouraged the same interdisciplinary approach to project solutions. 

Kenneth Fowler

Principal - Retired 

Rialto’s attention to detail transcends built work. We have fashioned a project delivery method based on first listening to our client’s thoughts, and then looking carefully at the site and its components. Through a series of team meetings that include the client, we develop options for consideration by the entire team. We allow adequate time for review of our collective plan by other organizations and agencies where appropriate. Our goal is to follow the outlined scope, and provide input where appropriate.

Rialto produces planning, design, and construction documents consistent with the formats and needs of the client or consultant. Our record of coordination with the work of other consultants is an asset, especially if the work is large-scale or complex. Rialto’s ability to track the costs of project development from initial budgeting through the construction process is based in years of built-project experience.

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