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Located in the Rim Shopping Center in San Antonio, this newly created park is re-purposed land that was previously vehicular round-about and parking. The area was confusing for users, not fully developed, and didn’t provide any activation for the site or adjacent businesses.

Two new restaurants spaces in the existing adjacent building were the catalyst for this exciting transformation. New shade canopy structures were added to the restaurant fronts, allowing the opportunity for outdoor dining within the new park. The existing parking and round-about was taken back from the site, and vehicular traffic was diverted to one side of the site and helps to re-enforce the ‘Main Street’ of the overall Rim development and provide more development opportunity. A new small retail building was added within the park space, as well as a large shade structure that provides scale and comfort to park users. The use of special paving laces it’s way though the peninsula park, providing a thread and flow for pedestrian movement, and assisting to provide visual clues to park users of circulation vs. gathering spaces. An informal stage and open artificial turf lawn provide opportunities for special programming such as yoga in the park and live music for park users and restaurant patrons. 

The eye catching element in the site are four custom tile mosaic benches, designed in collaboration with Oscar Alvarado, and constructed by the local artist. These benches wrap a portion of the site, and provide functional seating, and a very colorful and playful feel to the site. Large palm trees and lush planting complement the colorful art benches, and add additional life to the project.

Rialto Studio worked closely with the architect from concept design through construction. While the architects focused on the new retail space and shade trellises, Rialto focused on the remainder of the pedestrian portion of the site, including hardscape design, material selections, site lighting, grading plating and irrigation.

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