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Continually for almost two decades, Rialto Studio has provided design services to the San Antonio Zoo for a richly varied series of project types. From the early Snake Walk and Cranes of the World projects, through Tiny Tots Nature Spot, Lory Landing, Gibbons Forest, and Africa Live to the New Main Entry and Zootennial Plaza, each project addressed a particular need of the Zoo’s animal collection or physical plant and upgraded animal exhibits and accessibility. These improvements significantly elevated the zoo’s physical environment and visitor experience.


Zootennial Plaza is a commemoration of the zoo’s 100th anniversary.  It is not an animal exhibit, but instead focuses on a creating a visitor-friendly upgrade.  Rialto Studio produced conceptual design studies to assist the Zoo with programming and budgeting the anniversary celebration, then orchestrated a team of design professionals to create the project which features a new 10,000 SF upscale restaurant, a million-dollar carousel, and pedestrian plazas.  The 2-acre project replaces some decaying infrastructure and outdated facilities in the center of the Zoo and increases the amount of public open space which the Zoo can utilize in a variety of ways during its annual special events.

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